Air Rifles – What You Need To Know Before Buying

It seems like you have grown an interest in the sports of rifle shooting.

Are you new to the zone of air rifles? If yes, then I am here to help. Today in this article I will be discussing the main parts of an air rifle that you need to know before buying a new one.

The Air Rifle Break-Up

The main things that we are going to discuss here is the powering up of the air rifle and the different types of ammunition rifles use. Well let us not waste any time and get into the details.

Let’s start with powering up the rifle:

  • Spring Piston: Piston pump loaded with spring coil in a compression chamber.
  • Gas Spring: Similar to spring piston, in addition, the gun is powered by pressurized air or inert gas from a gas chamber.
  • Pneumatic: Propels projectiles by using pneumatic potential energy from compressed air.
  • Pump Pneumatic: Lever operated pump to pressurize air on to an internal reservoir.
  • Pre Charged Pneumatic: The internal reservoirs are pre-charged from external sources and gradually get empty through repeated shooting.

Now let us look a bit into the various types of ammunitions that go into the various kinds of rifles:

  • Pellet: It is the most common type of ammunition, consisting of 2 parts – the head (solid front portion as the centre of mass) and the skirt (rear portion that is hollow and thin walled).
  • Slug: Cylindrical shaped pellets designed for more powerful PCP rifles.
  • BB: Typically round shots made of metallic balls (steel or lead) of .177 calibers.
  • Darts and arrows: Oldest ammunition not in much use in present and can be reused.

Well these are the most common types of barrel powers and ammunitions that are prevalent in the market today for air rifles. Depending on the type of caliber of the bore, the ammunition and the power plant are chosen.

Be sure to research well on what exactly you need and for what before you buy your next rifle and enjoy the art of shooting to the fullest.

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