Enjoy Adverturous Shoots With The Most Powerful Benjamin Marauder


There are some for whom hunting is a passion and perhaps the most favored leisure activity. Presenting for the hunting freaks Benjamin marauder, an air rifle mostly suited for the purpose of shooting. No other gun can be equally cost effective as well as a quality product. The rifle posses of a choked barrel, a soft rubber coil pad and is both attainable in hardwood and synthetic stocks. A quality feature of this gun is that it provides you with an adjustable power setting without taking into consideration the size of the caliber.




Specifications Of Benjamin Marauder

  • The Benjamin Marauder comes in three different calibers namely: 0.177, 0.22 and 0.25. Generally, it is termed as the PCP or precharged pneumatic rifle backed up with a rebalanced wood stock.
  • It produces multi shots at a single time with bolt action.
  • The gun is capable of delivering up to 32 consecutive shots at every fill.
  • It is highly adjustable consisting of a two-staged and match graded trigger.
  • The outer texture is that of a shrouded barrel that reduces noise.
  • The end part can be compared to a dovetail of 11mm.
  • Overall weight is 8.2 lbs.


Features of Benjamin Marauder

  1. Although the marauder is widely known for its accuracy, yet there is a need to buy a scope. Of course, it is a good idea to invest in a profitable scope like this.
  2. Like the PCP rifles, the Benjamin Marauder does not get fatigued easily. It is a steady runner in the marathon.
  3. With its facility of silent shots, you can put forth as many shots as you like. Even if you miss your target in the first chance, you can go forward with the rest.
  4. But with rise in the calibers, the gun is likely to produce minute sounds. Yet, it is much quieter than the remaining guns.

If you prefer a medium game for hunting, the Benjamin Marauder will not disappoint you. It is powerful and accurate enough to make you hit the right dart, that is, to be sure of your target. Regarding its price, the rifle is not priced beyond your imagination, it is affordable. Dealing with a marauder is a highwayman’s task though or a plunderer or hijacker, yet serious shooters too can try their hands with Marauders.


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